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DRC Floor Care : Commercial Floor Cleaning in Wellington and Auckland New Zealand. 

DRC Floor Care specialize in detail cleaning, restoration and maintenance of commercial floor and furniture surfaces, including...

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Vinyl Cleaning & Polishing
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Wood Floor Cleaning
  • Concrete Floor Cleaning & Polishing
  • Regupol Rubber Floor Cleaning
  • Terrazzo Floor Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning

This is particularly useful and economical for small business's with multiple floor types such as Kindergartens : Age Care Facilities : Medical Centre's : Gyms and Health Care Facilities....

.... as, we provide detailed  "One Off"  restoration cleaning of individual or all flooring and furnished surfaces in the property, or...

...we can provide a bespoke floor and furniture cleaning & maintenance program for the year

With over 20 years experience and training in floor and furniture cleaning from UK and NZ we have an efficient solution for you that works to maintain high aesthetic standards and the indoor air quality and floor hygiene of your property.

The health and preservation of the environment and waterways of New Zealand is of the upmost importance, so we work to the latest recommendations of Standards New Zealand  https://shop.standards.govt.nz... as well as manufacturers cleaning and maintenance recommendations of their floor covering products.

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Central Wellington and surrounding suburbs